The Analysis tab allows analyzing a selected match.

Use this tab if you need to:

  • Access the statistics of the league to which the team belongs.
  • Evaluate the average first and final goal with relative charts and rankings.
  • Evaluate the under / over average with relative rankings.
  • Get the recent matches of the two selected teams.
  • View the ranking with corresponding legend.
  • Get the first and partial / final predictions.
  • Get the details of the players, in particular: top scorers, ammoniti / expulsed, assist.

This card is divided into three categories: Statistics, First Half / Final, Under / Over. For convenience below you will find a table with all the tabs available for each category.




  • Ranking.
  • Recent matches.
  • Ranking legend.
  • Other predictions.
  • Player details.

Avg Goal

  • Avg Goal First Half.
  • Avg Goal Final
  • Rankings.

Under / Over

  • Under / Over.
  • Table Under / Over.

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