The category "Bets Management" is divided respectively into three tabs, described below:

Add Bet

This tab allows you to add a single or multiple play to the SoccerForecast database.

The interface is structured as follows:

As you can see the card is divided into three lines, below a description of each field:

  • Event: teams that challenge each other in the game (If you have uploaded competitions, you can type in the name of a team to search for the event loaded between competitions).
  • Selection: represents the sign played (eg: 1, GOAL, OVER 1.5, X, etc ...).
  • Status: select the status of the play, in particular you can indicate (new, in play, won, lost, added, half win, half loss, void).
  • Book: type of book used for the game, you can configure the bookmakers and their parameters in the settings panel, to learn more read this section.
  • Stake: the number of units played for this event.
  • Quota: represents the quota indicated by the book for the selection made.
  • Closing quota: similar to the description of the quota, in this case the closing of the quota indicates the closing share in a trading stake.
  • Date: Date of the event.
  • Timetable: event timetable.
  • Tags: recognition tags, you can separate tags with commas or spaces.
  • Block changes: blocks future changes for the event.
  • Multiple: Indicates if the event you are adding is part of a multiple.
  • Notes: notes for the game you are adding.

You will have noticed that in the header of the card (on the right side) there are two buttons, the first one having three lines serves to clean all the fields enhanced, the second one allows you to save a game.

Suppose you want to add the game "Inter vs Cagliari", you will use the fields as follows:

To confirm the addition of the play you need to press the save button .

In this case, the game will be added directly to the database, and you can view it on the "Play" tab, if you had checked the multiple box instead, the game will be added to a temporary grid available on the "Multiple Added Play" tab. let's make an example:

You will have noticed that the "Book" and "Stake" fields are deactivated, because this is a multiple type play. By clicking on the save button the game will be added to the "Multiple Added Play" tab, explained below.

Bets Added in Multiple

It is possible to enhance the multiple: the bookmaker, notes, tags, the stake played and the block for future changes.

Also here you will notice that in the header there are buttons, in addition to the saving and cleaning fields, we find the removal button. This button does not remove the multiple, but removes the bets added to the multiple.

To remove a bet click on it and then press the remove button.

Before saving the multiple insured, fill in the fields below, then press the save button.

When you save a multiple you will see the following notification message:

You will find the multiple added in the "Bets" card, explained next.


This card allows you to view all the played games, both single and multiple, is composed in the following interface:

At the top you can find a search bar that will allow you to search all the events played. There are three buttons, starting from the left we find the reload button, this will allow you to reload the bets, then find the remove button and finally the filter button.

You can in fact filter the displayed plays by:

By clicking on an event you can view the details, suppose you have clicked on the multiple previously added, in the "Multiple Added Play" tab you will find the following:

You can edit the details of the multiple simply by changing the details in the lower part of the "Played Multiple Additions" tab and then clicking on the save button. Likewise, if you need to edit a multiple play or a play that is not part of the multiple, you can use the "Add Play" tab with a similar procedure.

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