The "Club" category implements all the necessary cards to display the information of each club.


This card displays all the information of the stages of the selected championship.

Suppose you have selected a "Serie A" championship match, the card will be enhanced as follows:

The columns are divided as follows:

  • Team: name of the team.
  • Stadium: stadium name.
  • Media: average spectators per game.
  • Min: minimum audience attendance.
  • Max: maximum spectators presence.
  • Capacity: total spectators capacity.
  • % Sales: ticket sales percentages.

Clicking on a team will add all the other cards available on the Club category.


The "Trophies" card is divided respectively into "National Championships" and "International Championships".

Suppose you have clicked on the "Torino" team, the card will show the following data:

(National Championships)

(International Championships)

The columns are structured as follows:

  • Competition: name of the competition.
  • Position: position conquered by the club in the relative competition.
  • Winnings: number of winnings of the competition.
  • Seasons: indicates all the seasons of participation of the team in the aforementioned competition.


Contains all the sites of the team, also included the "Fan Site", ie websites created by fans to support the team.

Selecting the "Torino" team the card will show the following:

By clicking on a link you will be redirected to the corresponding website.


This tab displays the stadium information associated with the selected club. Continuing the example of Turin, the card will show this enhancement:

The columns are structured as follows:

  • Address: stadium address.
  • Cap: zip code.
  • City: city of the stadium.
  • Telephone: stadium telephone number.
  • Fax: fax to contact the stadium.
  • E-Mail: stadium e-mail address.
  • Website: official stadium website.
  • Inaugurated: inauguration date.
  • Architect: stadium architect.
  • Capacity: indicates the maximum capacity of the stadium.
  • Surface: the type of surface used.
  • Previous Names: contains all the names previously used.
  • Facts: view any historical facts.

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