In this section you can configure the behavior of competitions.


  • Load today competitions at startup: it allows you to load all the favorite competitions that play today. If no competition has been added to the favorites, all the nations that play today are loaded. If you remove the check from the "Load competitions today at start" option, all competitions previously set will be removed.
  • Store sign study: Saves the values of the sign filter.
  • Load all rounds available: if selected, when you load a championship that provides more groups, the program will load them all. This way you will not have to use the filter to load other groups.


  • Display live results: when a match is playing will display an orange cell with the actual result.
  • Apply color legend to the result of a match: change the team name color based on the team match result.
  • Persistent Mode: if enabled, the loaded matches will not disappear if the date change.

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