The "Deepening" category allows you to reconfigure in detail some data concerning the selected teams.


The "Rankings" tab allows you to compare the total data, at home and away correspondent:

  • victories
  • draws
  • Defeats
  • Goal Scored
  • Goal Against
  • Points.


Use this tab to have a quick comparison for the number of games indicated on "Matches Played".

Goal Minutes

The "Goal Minutes" tab displays a series of histograms for each team. Each histogram represents a minute interval. Each interval contains a percentage of scored goals, and the number of goals scored. The total histograms are six, and include the following ranges:

  • 0 - 15 '.
  • 15 - 30 '.
  • 30 - 45 '.
  • 45 - 60 '.
  • 60 - 75 '.
  • 75 - 90 '.

When you select a match from the main grid, the software will automatically enhance the graph with the corresponding minutes. You can compare the histograms to understand which team scores most in a given minute interval.

By overlaying the mouse on a histogram, a popup will appear containing:

  • Histogram: color of the histogram that contains the interval in minutes.
  • Goal minutes: interval in minutes expressed by the histogram.
  • Percentage: percentage of scored goals for the indicated range.
  • Goal Signals: goals scored in the specified range.

This card also provides a filter. This filter allows you to view the interval in minutes for specific competitions.

From the image shown above we chose the match "Atalanta vs Sampdoria", the software will automatically enhance the histogram with the main competition in which the two teams play.

Suppose, however, that you want to compare the interval of goal minutes for the "Coppa Italia" competition; what you need to do is open the filter, select the "Coppa Italia" competition and click on "Apply":

The software will download the data related to the competition indicated in the filter.

Players Comparison

This card allows you to compare the players of the teams related to the selected match. In particular, it displays a comparison ranking for each category of players:

  • TopScorers: show all the players who scored the most goals in the respective team.
  • Assist: contains all the players who provided more assists.
  • First Goals: view all the players who have unlocked the game.
  • Disciplinary: contains all the players warned and exploded.

Each table contains different column values based on the category type:

  • Player: player's name.
  • G: scored goals.
  • GR: goal on penalty.
  • A: total number of assists.
  • MP: goal that have unlocked the match.
  • YC: number of yellow cards.
  • RC: number of red cards.
  • Points: points attributed in a fictitious way for each card. Yellow (1 point), red (3 points), in this way you will be able to view the most foolish player by the number of points.

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