In this section you can manage the way data is processed.


  • View forecast with decimals: specify whether to show decimals when the predictions are generated.
  • Even display colors legend: if selected, when you load the matches you will see the prediction with its corresponding color.

Data Export

  • Export forecast with decimals: indicate whether to export the forecasts with decimals when using the data export module.
  • Export data to the default folder: if selected, the data export module will save the forecasts in the indicated folder.
  • Data export folder path: by clicking on the text entry field you will see a dialog that will ask you the path to the folder where to export the data. If the item "Export data to default folder" is enabled, then every time you export data via the data export module, you will no longer be asked where to save it. Please note that if the folder is removed, the export form will fail.

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