The data export module allows you to export the forecasts on files with the extension .xlsx, ie on a spreadsheet.

Use this form if you need to keep track of your bets and related predictions generated by SoccerForecast.

You can open this form from the "Tools" section, available in the "Navigation Menu":

The interface is structured as follows:

The data export module is divided into four groups, also called Groupboxes.

The first group defines the "Export Type", in which it is possible to indicate to the software the types of predictions / data to be exported, including:

  • All
  • None (Useful if you want to export only the odds)
  • Main
  • First half
  • Partial / Final

The second group allows you to configure the sheet, in fact it is possible to add a color legend to the predictions and a background color for the sheet.

The third group allows us to select the type of match to be exported, in particular:

  • All
  • Only not played
  • Not played and by time
  • Only played

It is also possible to export the shape of the individual teams (note that this function requires data processing during export, consequently the export times could increase).

The export module also allows the export of the media goal.

The fourth group allows the export of the quotas (the availability of the quotas is at the discretion of our data suppliers).

You can define the type of quota to export, including:

  • Fulltime
  • Exact results
  • qualification
  • Goal
  • Even odd
  • Partial / Final
  • Double Chance
  • European Handicap
  • Parity Refund
  • Over / Under
  • Asian Handicap

and the type of the same:

  • All
  • Main
  • First half
  • Second half

Please note that if a typology does not have quotas, the corresponding sheet will not be created.

Possible Error Messages

  • There is no data to export: you have not uploaded any competition.
  • No selection made: you have not selected competitions to export.
  • It is not possible to continue the export as there are no matches played: matches still to be played.
  • It is not possible to continue the export as there are no unplayed matches: matches already concluded.

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