The "First / Final" category analyzes the average goal of the selected teams.

Avg Goal First Half

Displays a half-time first-half goal. This data is very useful if you need to know the average goal in the first half of a specific team. The resulting graph will show you a half-time first-half goal for the following game types:

  • Total: average goal first half overall.
  • Home: average goal first time for home games.
  • Away: Average first half goal for away matches.

Keep in mind that the average goal concerns all the goals that a team can potentially score or suffer in the first half.

The average goal first time is calculated using a "first time ranking", which contains all the data relating to the first half for each team.

This table is discussed in the following paragraph.

The formula for calculating the average first goal goal is as follows:

average goal first half = (Goal facts + Goals suffered / Matches disputed).

Let's immediately give an example by selecting the match "Manchester City vs Chelsea". From the table "Classifications" we can see the following:

The Manchester City team scored 15 goals and suffered 4, playing 14 home games.

Out of home he played 14 games scored 16 goals and he suffered 5.

Finally, he scored 31 goals scored and he suffered 9, disputing a total of 28 games.

Taking these values ‚Äč‚Äčinto consideration, the program will elaborate three histograms with the following formulas:

average goal first half total = (31 + 9) / 28 = 1.42

average goal first half home = (15 + 4) / 14 = 1.35

average goal first half away = (16 + 5) / 14 = 1.5

Now let's take a look at the chart:

We can see that the values of the histogram are equal to the result of the formula. Keep in mind that SoccerForecast rounds off the result of the formulas, so it's possible that instead of 1.42 you could find 1.43 and so on. You can see from the vertical lines on the abscissa axis that 1.3 is just ahead of Chelsea's away values, this means that its value will be just under 1.3, and in fact it is 1.29.

By overlaying the mouse over a histogram a popup will appear with the team name, the color of the relative histogram and the average goal that it holds away.

NB: The calculated data refer only to the competition to which the team belongs.

Avg Goal Final

Like the "Media Goal Primo Tempo" tab, the "Media Goal Finale" tab calculates the average goals scored and suffered for the final result. The operation is almost identical to the "Media Goal First Time" tab, however, the data are not evaluated for ranking, but for the matches specified in the filter related to the card.

Suppose that within the filter you have set the following configuration:

As you can see we have chosen to evaluate six recent matches for the "Premier League" competition for the home team, which in this case is Manchester City, and we have also chosen to evaluate the final goal average for all six recent matches of any competition for the visiting team.

Let's take a look at the chart:

In the last six games, Manchester City scored 16 goals and suffered 4, which means that the "Total" histogram will be processed as follows:

average final goal total = (16 + 3) / 6 = 3.16

As already mentioned above SoccerForecast rounds up, so, as you can see from the chart, overlaying the mouse on the total histogram will display a popup with a final average goal of 3.17.

This means that Manchester City has a final goal average of 3 goals.

The filter on this card will only show the competitions for which the team participates.


The rankings tab displays all the rankings inherent to the early times or the partial / final. Each ranking is appropriately divided into:

  • Total: is marked with the letter "A" and contains the sum of the values "In Home" and "In Transfer".
  • At Home: contains all the values obtained by the teams at home.
  • In Transfer: contains all the values obtained by the away teams.

By default the rankings for the first times will appear:

Also this card is inclusive of filter, by clicking on the filter icon you can upload the rankings related to the final times:

Clicking on "Final" will load the ranking related to the final times:

Each ranking displays appropriately:

  • Pos: position of the team in the displayed ranking.
  • Team: name of the team.
  • MP: games played.
  • W: victories.
  • D: draws.
  • L: defeats.
  • F: scored goals.
  • A: goals against.
  • D: goal difference.
  • Points: points scored based on the type of ranking.

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