In this section of the documentation you can find the most frequently asked questions.

1) Why is the program slow?

Before saying that SoccerForecast is badly written and that the blame for its slowness is programmers, we can guarantee that the software is optimized for most devices. The SoccerForecast code is written with the utmost precision and quality, qualities that we always apply in the work we do. So we can assure you that if the software is slow, is for the following reasons:

  • Your PC is obsolete. As SoccerForecast is optimized it can not provide high performance on older PCs. Check the system requirements.
  • Your connection is slow. The software requires a connection of at least 3Megabytes in order to run at full capacity. If your connection is slow, then the data download will be slow, which will slow down the program.
  • Problems on servers. There may be delays on servers that contain data. In this case the software will slow down.

2) Why are some data not available?

Data availability of some leagues is not guaranteed. You may want to report any problems with the championships through our assistance.

However, we repeat that if the data are not displayed, it depends on the servers that manage the data and not on us.

3) How reliable are the forecasts elaborated?

We will never tire of repeating it. SoccerForecast does not foresee the future. You may want to read our Poisson implementation here.

The algorithms used for the preparation of the predictions take advantage of the mathematical rules studied and updated over the years with our experience.

Obviously, use the software forecasts only to get a general idea of the match and not rely solely and exclusively on the highest percentages.

Always play responsibly, do not let yourself get carried away.

4) Why are some data in English?

Data translation does not depend on us. For this you could find data in English.

5) When I start the application for the first time I get the following error: "the verified trials has expired".

You can not use SoccerForecast within virtual machines or with hyperv enabled. Disable hyperv or use SoccerForecast on a real computer.

If the message continues to appear even after applying the suggested corrections, it means that:

  • The trial version is finished.
  • SoccerForecast has activated an anti-fraud mechanism. PC date invalid.
  • You have already used the trial version on this PC.

6) Why do some cards seem crushed?

SoccerForecast is meant to be "Responsive", ie to adapt to the various resolutions that each user has for their monitor.

Each of us uses a different monitor when it is at the PC, so as a result the software will enlarge or shrink the width of the cards based on the resolution set on the computer.

In the system requirements, you can find the recommended resolution. If some cards are too squashed, try changing the monitor resolution.

The program can only adapt to your resolution, and try to make data readable even at too low resolutions.

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