First of all, go to the purchase page by clicking here. FastSpring offers various payment methods to pay.

Suppose you want to buy the license with a credit card, all you have to do is click on "Credit / Debit Card", available in the right part of the window:

A popup will open asking you to provide your card details:

Once filled with your data click on "Pay". If all goes well, the following screen will be displayed:

After a few moments you will receive two emails, the first containing a subscription activation notification:

and the second containing the license to be included in the program:

NB: the subscription will be renewed automatically every year, before the renewal you will receive an e-mail notification from FastSpring that will confirm the renewal (every renewal takes place automatically, unless you have canceled it or there are actually problems with payment).

By clicking on the "Manage Your Orders" link you can access all orders placed:

If you want to download the invoice click on "Subscriptions" and then on "Show billing history", then on "Get an invoice":

the invoice will be displayed. We suggest you print the invoice.

You can manage your payment methods from the "Account details and payment methods" section:

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