The SoccerForecast interface is divided into sections:

  1. Navigation menu: includes all the items of the main functions.
  2. Sub-Menu: contains the lists of selections for nations and championships with the related search filters and sign configurations.
  3. Main grid: container: of all matches loaded and processed.
  4. Tabs: containers for cards organized by category.
  5. Status bar: contains basic information about the software, connection status, any upload messages and notifications.

Main Components and Basic Operation

SoccerForecast is very simple to use, it is basically based on two components: Nations and Competitions, these two controls are placed on the top left inside the "Sub-Menu". To enter the game just select the country through the drop-down menu "Nations", you will notice that within "Competitions" have been loaded all the competitions available for the country previously selected. To elaborate the match predictions, of a particular competition, you simply need to select the inherent competition.

All matches will appear within the "Main Grid". When you select a match automatically the data will be loaded and processed within the cards currently visible on the selected tab.

You can see that in the central part of the program there is a light gray horizontal line, this line is called "divisor" and has the function of dividing the match grid with the related tabs and tabs.

By holding down the left mouse button on the divider and dragging it down or up, you can hide or view the tabs and their tabs:


The filters allow to configure the operation of a card, they are distinguished by the following icon:

If the icon is available on the card or on a certain control, it means that the aforementioned card or control has a filter available. In this way you can apply configuration parameters to control the operation of the card or control.

Generally, to apply the filter parameters you have to press an "Apply" button, but there are some filters that do not provide any application buttons.

When a filter does not show the application button, it means that the data has already been pre-loaded by the program, and it is not necessary to run the application. However, when an application button is present, the parameters applied in the configuration must re-download the data from the servers.

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