As mentioned in the previous paragraph, LiveScore PRO is divided into sections. So let's focus on the individual sections to better understand how the application works.

Software Configuration

In the first section of the application we find three tabs:


It allows you to quickly configure the application, when you select or deselect an item the changes will be applied in real time, without you having to press a save button.

The LiveScore PRO settings allow you to configure the software as follows:

  • View Popup: When a team scores a notification in the lower right corner.
  • First Floor: if enabled the program will always remain in the foreground, even if you open another application.
  • Memorize Favorites: if you enable this item, the software will memorize all the countries loaded from the "Countries Displayed" tab. This way, when you run the software again in the future, LiveScore PRO will automatically load the countries added to favorites in the previous session.

Countries Displayed

This card contains a list of all countries that can be loaded.

You can search for a country by typing in the text field of the list.

By selecting a country the program will load all the championships of the selected country (only if there are matches in play).


If you have uploaded many countries and there are many matches in play, you may want to search for a specific match via the search box:

When you start typing the name of the team, the league or the country, automatically the software will exclude from the match in play all those that do not match the search term entered.

Tab and Grid

The central part of LiveScore PRO is organized into three tabs, in particular:

  • In Game: view all the matches currently in play for the nations loaded.
  • In Program: view all the scheduled matches for the chosen date and for the nations loaded.
  • Favorites: contains all the matches added to the favorites.

If you need to deepen the operation of the related tab, read this part of the documentation.

Status Bar

As previously mentioned, the status bar works similarly to SoccerForecast.

In the first part you can find the current version of LiveScore PRO, while the second element allows you to manage the license you purchased.

Please note that SoccerForecast license includes all software and modules associated with SoccerForecast, including LiveScore PRO.

You can also check the connection status on the status bar. If the connection is present there will be a green LED, otherwise the LED will be red.

If there are no events in play, the status bar will show a message like this:

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