The program is licensed by subscription, which means that when you purchase a SoccerForecast license, you are not buying the program, but you are buying the right to use the program. On the purchase page it is possible that there are more types of licenses, each of which provides different subscription periods.

We have decided to use this subscription policy as it allows you to access all the features provided by SoccerForecast. In this way you will not have to buy additional licenses to update or unlock new features, you just need to renew the license.

Work on SoccerForecast began in 2015, and only in 2018 did the program make its appearance on the net. There is a huge amount of work behind this application, we ask you to respect our work by supporting us with the purchase of a license.

We have collaborated with the best programmers of open-source projects to integrate all the necessary tools.

Do not look at the price of SoccerForecast as a cold numerical figure, look beyond the price.

Look at the effort, the high amount of time spent behind a computer.

Look at the time spent on books to get the necessary knowledge that made all this possible.

Look at the experience of people who have been in the field for years. Look at the sacrifices, the passion. Just look over.

Only then can you understand the real cost of SoccerForecast, which is much more than the price we ask.

We work every day with humility, having respect for the work of others, we ask you to do the same with us.

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