LiveScore PRO is the evolution of LiveScore. This program included in the SoccerForecast package allows you to view the real-time results of football matches.


LiveScore PRO has basically the same function as LiveScore, the only difference is that the program has been completely rewritten for a massive correction of the bugs in the free version, and also the PRO version is fully integrated on SoccerForecast.

In fact, you can edit the odds on SoccerForecast and follow your favorite games simply by going to the navigation menu, and selecting "LiveScore PRO" from the "Tools" item:


When you select the "LiveScore PRO" item the following interface will open:

The PRO version interface has been redesigned to be in theme with SoccerForecast.

At the top you can find three tabs:

  • Settings: allows you to quickly configure the software.
  • Displayed Countries: allows you to load the available countries in the list and view the results live.
  • Search: you can search for matches by country, league or team name.

In the central part of the software you will find a list of the matches currently in play respectively organized in "Nations -> Championships -> Games".

Consider that only the matches for the nations loaded in the "Nations" list will appear.

Basic Operations

The software is very simple to use, just load the countries by clicking on the associated selection box for each country, the program will immediately display all the matches in play for the nations loaded.

Clicking on a match in game you will upload the details, in particular the information related to the race, the badges of the respective teams and the score with the relative markers.

You can only have one instance of LiveScore PRO open, so if SoccerForecast is running you can not start LiveScore PRO externally, but you need to start it from SoccerForecast via the navigation menu.

When minimizing LiveScore PRO the program will continue its operation, in particular if you have enabled "View Popup" you will see a popup like this in case a team does goal:

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