The "Main" category allows you to compare the data and matches of the two teams.

Previous Comparison

This card displays all previous comparisons played by the two teams. When you select a match from the main grid, the board will automatically load all previous comparisons of the two teams for a maximum of ten pre-defined elements. In the following image we have selected the match already played "Napoli vs Roma":

As you can see the program will display all the previous meetings held by the two teams. The winning team will be highlighted in bold.

This tab implements a filter that allows you to upload multiple historical meetings:

all you have to do is click on the "+" symbol if you want to increase the number of matches to display, on the contrary, clicking on the "-" symbol will decrease the displayed matches.

When you have selected the number of matches to display you need to press "Apply", the software will download the data again according to the new configuration.

Historical Matches Home and Away

These two cards are the same. A card allows you to view all the previous matches of the home team, and the other the previous meetings for the visiting team.

To load the matches you need to select a match from the main grid, the program will automatically load all the matches already played for the two teams.

By default all matches related to all the competitions in which the two teams participate are loaded.

Suppose, however, you want to load more previous meetings and also games that belong only to a specific competition; as you can see each of these cards implements the filter.

Clicking on the filter will open a popup containing the following:

As you will notice from the image we have chosen to upload on the "Historical House Dating" tab thirty matches only for the "Serie A" competition and that have been played only at home.

By clicking on "Apply" the card will return the following:

For convenience you can choose to color the name of the teams according to the result obtained, to do so you need to enable the "Apply color legend on the results of a match" setting from the settings menu -> competition, in this way you will see a result like :

As you can see the team with the green olc is the winning one, the orange indicates the draw and the red indicates the losing team.

Teams Performance

SoccerForecast is mainly based on the evaluation of the shape of a team. In fact, the program does not elaborate only prognoses of statistical criteria, but tries to influence your choice of the forecast with the current form of the teams and other factors (included on other cards) to allow you a correct choice.

This choice is therefore not based on the high percentage, but must necessarily be the result of careful analysis of the proposed forms.

The "Team Performance" tab allows you to compare the shape of the teams.

By default the form will elaborate the form of the teams taking into consideration the last 10 matches played:

In the first part of the card we can find all the information of the team:

  • Nation: the nation in which the team plays.
  • Championship: the competition in which the team plays.
  • Group: indicates the circle of belonging.
  • Season: the currently selected season.

In the intermediate part we find the form values that are divided into:

  • VF Casa: form score that the team holds at home.
  • VF Outside: form score that the team holds away.
  • VF Tot: form score that the team holds in general.

In the lower part instead, the last 10 matches played by the team are displayed. The order is from the most recent to the least recent (left to right).

The form is processed by evaluating the last performances of the selected teams. Let's just give an example to understand how SoccerForecast can develop the shape of a team.

First of all, the program loads the last 10 matches played at home, away from home and away, for a total of twenty games.

All three form values ​​use the same function: the software evaluates for each game how many points the team obtained in the match ended:

  • 3 points: the team won.
  • 1 point: the team tied.
  • 0 points: the team has lost.

According to this logic, the program multiplies the maximum number of realizable points (3) for each match. So for each game the team can potentially earn three points.

Knowing this, the software calculates a percentage of the form by multiplying the points potentially conquerable for the points actually obtained by the team.

This procedure is repeated for all the matches that are being evaluated. At the end of the evaluation, the software divides the percentage of form with the points that the team should have conquered.

The result will obviously be expressed as a percentage and will represent the form the team holds at home, away and in general (tot).

The value "Tot" indicates the performance of the team both on the road and at home, which obviously can not be given by a simple form of the previous values.

As you can see from the image above the value 100 on the "outside" shape that represents the value form of the away match of Naples, indicates that in the last 10 games the Napoli team has never lost.

This card also implements a filter that allows you to process the team form for:

  • Match Number.
  • Competition.

As usual to set the new filter parameters, you need to click on "Apply".

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