The main grid is a match box. This grid displays all the matches in the league selected by the "Competitions" control. Suppose you want to load all the matches of the Serie A championship, all you have to do is load the "Italy" nation, select "Serie A" from the competition container, and wait for SoccerForecast to make predictions.

At the end of the processing all the matches on the grid will be displayed with the relative percentages:

As you can see the grid organizes the matches for: "Nations -> Competitions-> Matches". If you want to close a container of a particular country, just click on the container, similarly for the individual championships loaded:

You can also clean the grid by simply clicking on the selection box at the top left (available next to "Group"). In case the confirmation confirmation setting is enabled in the settings panel, you will receive a confirmation message like this:

this message avoids involuntary removal. Please note that all processing performed will be removed from any control.

Columns and Sorting

All the predicted predictions are available in columns, you can sort all the lines by simply clicking on the corresponding column. Suppose you want to sort all the predictions processed from the least likely to the most probable for the 1 sign, just click on the column containing the 1 sign:

You will notice that an arrow pointing downwards appears next to the sign. This arrow indicates the type of sorting chosen, in this case from the least probable to the most probable.

Clicking again on the 1 sign the values will be sorted from the most probable to the least probable. You can also sort the teams by name, or if you prefer, you can sort by date, by day, and so on.

Data processing

To process the data on the tabs on the tabs, you need to click on the single match. By clicking on the single game you will load the data for the currently visible tabs. Suppose you want to process the form of Udinese and Fiorentina, to do so, go to the "Form" tab and click on the corresponding match:

NB: You can also move between tabs or tabs, the data will be loaded automatically according to the match selected on the grid. Only one match can be selected at a time.

Tip: if you need to copy the data of a specific row, select the match and press the CTRL + C combination, then paste the data generated by the program onto a notepad.

Favorite competitions

It can load specific competitions automatically when the program starts. To do this, just click on the star next to the name of the country:

keep in mind that you need to activate the "upload competitions today at startup". To enable the voice you need to go to the settings panel, in particular on "Competitions".

You can also load all competitions for a specific country. Suppose you want to add all the competitions of the nation Italy to favorites, to do so, you need to click on the star next to the name "Italy":

In this way, when you open the program, all the competitions of the selected country will be loaded. You can also exclude some competitions by removing the star on specific competitions:

in the image above we have set the England nation in the favorites, but we have also excluded the "National League N / S" competition. In this way all competitions will be loaded except for the excluded competition.

Live Match

When you load a league that have match in playing, the software will display the actual result of the match coloring the cell of orange:

When the result of the match in playing change, you can see the cell blinking.

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