This section describes how to manage all the phases of the license.

How to Activate

When you start the application for the first time, you are automatically assigned a 15-day trial. It is a considerably long time to be able to test all the application cards.

At the end of the trial version the software will show the activation window:

Enter the activation key received after purchase in the "Activation key" field. Then click on "Activate".

If the activation is successful, the software will show you a message like this:

By clicking on "Ok" the program will inform you of its restart.

To check the activation status, go to the "Navigation menu" and then select "Info -> License":

the following window will open:

This window will show you all the information of the license you purchased and activated on the program.

NB: Each license can be activated on a single location. So 1 license = 1 PC. If you need to activate the license on a new PC, you will have two choices:

  • Purchase a new license.
  • Deactivate the license using the button displayed in the "License Details" window, and then repeat the activation procedure on the new PC.

How to Deactivate

If you deactivate the license and the trial version is finished, you can still use SoccerForecast for the current session.

When you restart the program on the PC where you deactivated the license, the software will ask you again to enter one.

Consider that if the license has expired, the program will display a window informing you that the license is terminated.

This window will also appear if the trial version is finished:

Validation Problems

Every time you start, the software connects to our activation servers to check the authenticity of the license. If for some reason the verification is not successful, the following screen will appear:

If you are aware of having a genuine license, check your connection and click on the "Re-Check" button.

If you need to extend the trial, click on "Extend Trial" this will give you more days of trial. Consider that the trial extension is provided at our discretion.

By clicking on "Activate" the activation window will appear again.

Trial Extension

You may wish to request an extension of the trial days.

If you have acquired an extension of the trial you can activate it using the "Extend Trial" button, the latter is available both on the "Revise" window and on the "License Details" window.

When you click on the button the following window will open:

Enter the extension of the trial you received, and if the activation process is successful, the following message will be displayed:

Consider that the extensions do not represent an activation license, but only serve to lengthen the trial period.

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