In this section of the settings you can configure all the options for the Portfolio.

In the "General" section you can set the type of unit used for the bets, this value will be expressed in the "Stake" field.

You can also set the blocking of games by default, so that every time you add a game the block of changes will be enabled by default, you can obviously disable it for specific games.

In the tools section you can import and export the games, and you can also reset the database. Let's see these three functions.


Suppose you want to export all your games, click on the "Export" button and tell the software the type of export to be performed:

You can export all the games by clicking on "No Filter", or for a specific book or for a range of dates and for a specific book or for all the books.

By clicking on "Export", a dialogue box will appear indicating where to save the file with the extension .xlsx, select the save folder and press "Save".

Generally the file is saved as "portfolio.xlsx". The file has this structure:

The sheet has the same database structure.


When you click on import the following screen will open:

To import the game you need to specify a path, you can do it by writing it manually or by clicking on "Upload", the upload button does not actually load any files, but simply allows you to assign a selected file to the text box via the dialog .

The file to be imported must have the same structure as the exported one, a missing field would cause the import to fail.

Moreover if you have not defined any book (with the same id specified in the file to be imported) the import will fail.

You can read the id of the book on the grid related to the stored books:

enhances the book_id field with the value indicated in the id column for the available book.

Keep in mind that if the games are part of a multiple you need to define the same ID as the multiple in the "id_multiple" field. To give an example: you have three games that belong to a multiple, you need to set the same ID in the id_multiple field.

The software does not take into account duplicate plays, these will still be added to the database. You can of course always delete them.


Before starting to add games, you need to define at least one book with an initial cash point, you can do it in the "Bookmakers" section by clicking on the "Add Book" button, the following dialog will open:

As you may have noticed, the "commission" field is present, if you do not trade, leave this field alone. The commission is deducted on every profit earned, so no commission will be deducted from lost bets but only by winning bets.

The commission is expressed as a percentage and varies in general from 2% to 5%.

To understand how the book calculates the commission, suppose you bet € 20 and won € 100, for a total profit of € 80.

On these € 80 won, the commission charged by the book will be multiplied by dividing the result by 100: (80 * 5) / 100 = 4.

Practically from the winnings of € 80, minus the commission of the book, we will have won a total of € 76.

You can edit the book or delete it using the appropriate buttons next to "Add Book".

When you have configured everything, click on the save button to save the changes.

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