You can configure the behavior that SoccerForecast will have to take in certain situations via the settings panel.

This panel is divided into five sections:

  • General: in this section it is possible to configure all the general settings of the program.
  • Advanced: this section is very important for us, if you enable the sending of diagnostic data and the system log we will be able to view information about any bugs or errors generated by the application. In simple words: you will help us to improve the software through your use. All data collected will be exclusively for the program, personal information will not be included.
  • Elaboration: you can configure the type of processing in this section, you can also specify the folder on which to save the exported data.
  • Features: you can indicate the general operation of the application through this section.
  • About: contains all the tools to keep in touch with us.

Each section is organized by categories.

When you make changes for each category you need to click on "Save" to save the new configuration.

To restore SoccerForecast configuration to the default configuration click on the "Default" button.

If you press "Cancel" all changes made by you will not be applied.

Please note that if the program detects unsaved changes it will ask you if you want to save them or not by this message:

By clicking on "Cancel" the settings panel will remain open. On the contrary, clicking on "Confirm" the settings panel will be closed and you will lose all the changes made.

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