The "Statistics" category allows to analyze all the statistics concerning the selected match.

When you access the "Statistics" category you will find the following tabs:


The card displays the position of the teams in the competition to which they belong. In this example, the "Milan vs Inter" match was selected, the program automatically loaded the corresponding ranking. As you can see the teams belonging to the selected match will be automatically highlighted by a light gray color, this will help you find the position of the teams quickly.

Below is a description of the columns:

  • Pos: indicates the position of the team.
  • Team: name of the team.
  • MP: matches played in the competition.
  • W: number of victories obtained.
  • D: number of draws obtained.
  • L: number of defeats.
  • F: total goals scored.
  • A: total goals conceded.
  • D: goal difference between goals scored and suffered.
  • Points: number of points obtained.
  • Last 5 Matches: view the last five games played, positioning the mouse above the rectangle will display the result with its opponent.

The "Classification" tab also provides a filter. Some championships like the American "MLS" are divided into groups. To view the ranking related to another group, open the filter by clicking on the filter icon:

and select the group for which you want to view the ranking. At the end press "Apply" and the software will load the data of the classification related to the selected group.

Also the "Ranking" table allows you to be sorted by clicking on the respective columns, you can sort by position, by team name, for games played and so on.

Ranking Legend

This card has the task of displaying the legend related to the ranking. Suppose you have selected a "Serie A" match, in which case we will have a ranking legend populated as follows:

Each color represents a competition to which the team will have access if the championship ends in the position indicated by the corresponding color. Let's immediately give an example.

We display the ranking relating to the "Serie A":

You will notice how the green-colored teams that group the number of their position in the standings will participate in the "UEFA Champions League", while those with the blue color will participate in the "UEFA Europa League". If the color is not indicated in the legend, then it means that for that particular position the team will not qualify for any competition.

This also applies to any promotions or retrocessions.

Recent Matches

The "Recent Match" tab allows you to view the last five games played by the selected teams. The matches are displayed in order of succession, in particular the column containing "5" contains the last match played between the two teams, while the column containing "1" the oldest game:

The results will be displayed within a rectangle, the latter will have a different color based on the result of the match. In the image above you can see that the match "Lazio - Juventus" ended with the defeat of Lazio.

Below is a descriptive legend:






You can use the filter associated with the card to view recent matches based on:

  • All: view all the matches.
  • At home: show only matches played at home.
  • On the road: show only the matches played away.

Also here to load the parameters applied to the filter you need to click on the "Apply" button.

NB: The recent matches will not be limited to the competition to which the teams belong, but will display all the matches recently played by the selected teams in all the competitions in which they participate.

Other Forecasts

This tab allows you to view all the other predictions not available in the main grid. By default all the predictions relating to the first half are displayed:

You can however use the filter to load other types of predictions, you just have to click on the filter icon and select the forecast to view. In this type of filter you will not have to click on any buttons to apply the parameters:

Selecting "Partial / Final", the program will display all the predictions related to "Partial / Final":

If you select "Exact Results" you will see all the exact results forecasts:

NB: All forecasts are processed when you load a specific championship.

Players Details

You can analyze the statistics on the players of the currently selected league. You can access three types of statistics:

Top Goal Scorers

Includes all the statistics of the top scorers including goals scored, goals on rigor, and the first goals. When you open the program, the screen for the top scorers will be displayed by default.

  • Player: player's name.
  • Team: team in which the player plays.
  • Goal: goals scored.
  • Goal on penalty: visualize goals scored on penalty.
  • First goals: represents the number of first goals, or all those goals that have unlocked the game.

Ammonites / Expelled

Indicates how many yellow and red cards the player has received.

  • Yellow: number of yellow cards received.
  • Rossi: number of red cards received.
  • Points: represent the fictitious points assigned for each card (1 point for yellow card, 3 points for red card), in this way you can see which player has received the most yellow and red cards from the sum of the points.


Includes all the assistance made by the player.

  • Assist: indicates the number of assists made by the player.

The "Player Details" tab also implements a filter. This filter allows you to load a number of players ranging from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 200:

Once you have chosen the number of players to upload, press the "Apply" button to download information from other players.

NB: The number of players chosen in a category (top scorers, ammonites / expelled, assists), will be memorized for the category for which the filter has been applied.

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