This bar displays the status of the program and some basic information.

At the beginning of the bar you can find all the details related to the version currently running on your PC, immediately in succession you can see the status of the connection. Keep in mind that SoccerForecast is an application that needs to be permanently connected to the Internet to get updated data. A possible lack of connection will be signaled by a red LED, while a working connection will be indicated with a green LED. During program execution, repeated checks on the connection will be performed.

In addition, the status bar also displays real status messages, in particular: when you select a match, a data load message will appear.

As long as the message does not disappear, it means that the cards are still being updated to show the data previously downloaded and processed.

If you have enabled "View promotions" in your settings panel, then a notification button will be displayed (if there is a promotion), so you can access all our latest promotions.

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