The sub-menu is where magic comes to life. Contains the main features of the program. There are basically three components:


Contains all available nations, are displayed as follows:

The first element of the list allows you to select all the available countries, so you will not have to select them one by one. The control also allows you to search the country by typing on the keyboard, in this way you will not have to scroll with the leteral bar on the right. To load a nation in memory you need to click on the selection box located to the left of the country name:

As you can see from the example above the country "Italy" was searched, and it was loaded into memory by clicking on the selection box.

You can also filter the available countries by date, by clicking on the filter symbol to the right of the nations list:

By clicking on the filter you will notice the following options:

  • Manual: allows you to upload data manually, without using a specific date.
  • Data: filters the nations playing on a specific date.
  • Period: view the nations that have matches played during the indicated period.

When you have finished the filter configuration click on "Apply".

NB: If you have previously loaded countries, they will be automatically deselected, we remind you that when a country is deselected all the processed data are automatically removed from any control.

Once the nations have been completed, the control will show only the nations playing on the date indicated.


Clicking on a championship will automatically load all the matches available for that championship. Similarly to the logic of nations, here too the concept is the same, in the container of nations all previously loaded nations are available, and are grouped by name:

To draw match predictions for a competition, just click on the selection box next to the championship name. Suppose we want to process the predictions of the competition "NASL", we click on the checkbox and the program will download and process all the data automatically:

Here you can also use the filter to filter the competitions. You can filter the competitions for:

Championship day.


Only not disputed.

Pay close attention to this filter because not all the parameters can be applied to all competitions. For example, the "League Days" parameter is not available for the "MLS" American competition, this is because it is a type of competition that is not based on championship days.

Here too, to apply the filters to competitions, just follow the same logic used previously for the nations. Click on the filter icon and select the parameters to be filtered, in this case the "NASL" competition previously loaded is finished, so we can load a day already played, for example we select the day 1:

and click on the "Apply" button to apply the filters. The program will perform a download of the data with a consequent processing:

When you load a competition the first match of that competition will be automatically selected (only if other competitions have not already been loaded).

NB: Please note that the forecasts prepared for a day already played will be processed using the updated data of each team.

Research Filters

In case you have uploaded many competitions you can search for the country, the championship or a specific team using the search bar at the top right. Suppose you want to search among all the competitions loaded with the team "Liverpool", all you have to do is type the name of the team in the search bar:

The search bar implements a "smart" search, in particular when you start typing the name of a country, league or team, all the elements that do not correspond to the inserted text will begin to disappear on the main grid.

You can also filter the match signs for:

  • Main.
  • First half.
  • Partial / Final.

using the filter next to the search bar. Also, you can filter the matches selecting multiple signs with the relative search filter:

Suppose we want filter the matches for 1X and GOAL, we will select as follows:

Then you will get the following result:

You can also choose to display the color legend, in this way the highest percentages will be marked by a dark green color, following the colors legend:



0 - 25

25 - 40

40 - 65

65 - 85

> 85

Always remember to click on the "Apply" button to apply the configuration:

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