The central part of LiveScore PRO is divided into tabs and grids.

Respectively there are three tabs:

  • In Game: view all the matches currently in play for the nations loaded.
  • In Program: view all the scheduled matches for the chosen date and for the nations loaded.
  • Favorites: contains all the matches added to the favorites.

Each tab contains a grid that contains the matches.


The tab in the game allows you to view all the matches in play for the nations loaded.

In the current example, we have loaded all the nations, and currently the Europa League matches and other leagues are in play. Let's focus on the Europa League matches:

As you can see all the matches are organized within a container that groups the competition, this container is in turn inserted into another container and represents the nation.

Consider this grouping a bit like a matryoshka.

The grid of the "In Gioco" tab is as follows:

  • Date: date of the match.
  • Minute: the current minute of the match.
  • Home: team playing at home.
  • Score: current result of the match.
  • Guest: team that plays away.


This tab or category allows you to view all scheduled matches for a specified date.

Suppose you want to load all the games they play on: 03/20/2018. Open the date control by clicking on the calendar icon, and select 20/03/2018 as follows:

When you select a day, the software will automatically load the games for the selected day.

In this case we will get the following result:

All the tabs will be closed, to open them click on the container. When you click on a container (both league and nation) this opens or closes depending on the dynamics.


This card displays all the matches added to the favorites. You can add a match to the favorites via the "In Game" and "In Program" tabs.

Consider the match in play, we will notice the match "Sparta vs Karaiskakis", to add it to the favorites, click on the star on the left of the date:

In this case we have chosen to add on the favorites only the match "Sparta vs Karaiskakis", so let's move on the "Favorites" tab:

As you can see we will find the match "Sparta vs Karaiskakis".

In this way, if you need to receive notifications only for the match "Sparta vs Karaiskakis" you can select the item: "Only Favorites":

The notification modes allow you to receive a notification for:

  • Only Favorites: you will be notified of a goal only for teams added to favorites.
  • Without Sound: notification without sound (only the line of the match with the changed result will light up in orange).
  • With Sound: notification with sound more line of the match with the result orange lighted.
  • Only Favorites with Sound: you will receive a sound notification with relative lighting of the line only for favorites.
  • No Notification: you will not receive any notification.

Keep in mind that all the matches added to the favorites will memorize the teams and not the match. So in this case we have memorized the Milan and Arsenal teams.

When the teams play the next game, automatically LiveScore will check if the Milan or Arsenal team has been placed on the favorites.

If you have added these two teams to the favorites, then you will automatically find the match with the respective team on the favorites grid.

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