A tab is a tab container. Each tab represents a specific category, for example SoccerForecast implements 5 tabs including:

  • Analysis: contains all the functions to analyze the match.
  • Comparison: tools for the head-to-head between two teams.
  • Form: list of cards for the evaluation of the form of two teams.
  • Team: allows you to view information on the teams, players and selected clubs.
  • Statistics: view statistics between the two teams.

A tab is further divided into sub-categories. Each sub-category contains a series of tabs.

The cards have a specific function according to the inherent category. For example on the "Comparison" tab, there are two sub-categories:

  • Main.
  • Deepening.


A card represents a specific function of the program.

The categories of a card are also called sub-categories if we refer to the Tab as the main category.

Let's immediately give an example to understand the meaning of a card. Suppose you want to display the Manchester City and Chelsea goal minutes, the steps you will take are:

  • Select the country England.
  • Select the Premier League competition.
  • Click on the Manchester City vs Chelsea match.
  • Go to the "Confrontation" tab, and to the "Insights" category.
  • Then superimpose the mouse on the histograms related to the "Goal minutes" tab:

The operation of a card is just that: provide a specific function based on the category, or in this case, sub-category, membership.

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