General Statistics

This card shows you all the general statistics of the current league for the teams of the chosen match.

Suppose you have selected the match "Milan vs Inter", the card will be valued as follows:

The first row contains the team playing at home, while the second row hosts the team. There are many columns available, so you'll notice a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the tab. You can unveil the remaining columns by moving the horizontal scroll bar to the right or left, depending on your position.

Available columns include:

  • Team: name of the team.
  • Position: current position in the standings.
  • Matches Played: number of matches played.
  • Winnings: wins obtained by the team.
  • Draws: draws obtained by the team.
  • Defeats: defeats obtained by the team.
  • Goal Scored: number of goals scored.
  • Goal Against: number of goals conceded.
  • Points: points in the standings.
  • Clean Sheets: number of matches completed without conceding a goal.
  • Avg. Goals Scored P/ M: indicates the average goals scored in the matches.
  • Avg. Goals Concedeed P/M: indicates the average goals conceded in the matches.
  • Avg. Time 1st Goal Scored: indicates the minute in which the team generally scores in the first half.
  • Avg. Time 1st Goal Conced: indicates the minute in which the team generally suffers the goal in the first half.
  • Failed to Score: number of failed goals.
  • Biggest Victory: indicates the best victory obtained in the competition.
  • Biggest Defeat: indicates the worst loss in the competition.

This card also provides a filter that allows you to choose:

  • The competition in which the team participates.
  • The type of match to show.

Also here to apply the new parameters you need to click on "Apply", the program will then load the new data.


If you need to view the information on the squad of the two teams and on the related stages, then the "Info" tab will be for you.


You can access to the details of the venues of the selected teams using the Stadiums card:

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