In this category you can check your progress in the betting world.


This tab displays a graph showing the progress of profits. There are two types of views:

  • For more months.
  • For a single month.

If you have played for several months, the software will show you the progress for all the months available in a twelve month interval, on the contrary, you can filter the display for a single month. In this case we have only one added play:

By overlaying the mouse on each point of the graph (every point represents a day of the month indicated in the filter) the relative profit achieved (unit), the date and the ROI (return of investment) will appear.

You can filter the display for the following parameters:

Suppose you have bet in several months, you will get the following view:

In this way you will be able to track your progress in the betting world with ease.


In this tab you can analyze the statistics of your bets. This card is divided into four tabs, in particular:


View statistics for each altitude range, respectively:

For each range are shown the total games, winnings with relative percentage, profit and total ROI.


View the statistics of the bets per book:


When you add a game and insert one or more tags, you will automatically find all the statistics in this tab:


In this tab is displayed the general trend of your bets, in particular:

The cards will refer to all your bets available in the database.


This card allow you to have a summary of your total trend:

The software takes into account all the bets made and calculates the respective ROI, total profit, winnings and losses with relative percentage, favorite book, total stake invested, total cash and the most played stake. In addition, an alias is calculated based on the ROI.

With the alias you can view your progress at a glance.

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