In the "Under / Over" category it is possible to analyze the under and over average of the selected teams.

Under / Over

In this sheet it is possible to evaluate the Under and Over average of the home and guest team.

When you select a match from the main grid the software will calculate the average for all the games played for the selected competition.

The card is divided in first half and full time cards.

This tab provides a filter. You can use the filter to calculate the under and over average on specific competitions, and you can also evaluate the average obtained by the teams on a specific number of matches:


By clicking on "Apply" the program will download the last 6 matches of the Italian Cup disputed by "Inter and Napoli", obtaining this type of enhancement:

Table Under / Over

This tab allows you to view the number of games completed with a specified number of goals.

Suppose you want to know how many games ended with 0 goals for the Milan team. All you have to do is select a match containing Milan and take a look at the table:

Values ranging from 0 to> 7 indicate the number of games completed with that specific number of goals.

The average displays the number of goals per game for the selected competition.

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