The updater allows you to update the application to the latest version.

We recommend that you update SoccerForecast consistently. We constantly work on the software to correct any errors and new features.

If the "Check for updates on startup" setting is enabled, the following message will appear when a new version is available:

As you can see the notification window displays the new version number, and in the central part on "Release Notes", all the corrections made to the new version are listed.

To update click on the "Update" button, in this way the download will start:

At the end of the download you will be asked to start ZipExtractor, a utility included in the updater. Allow the ZipExtractor to start and wait for the new version to be installed.

When the installation is complete, the program will restart.

If you have disabled checking for updates at startup, do not worry. You can always use the "Check for update" button included on the "About" of the Navigation menu:

If a new version is available, the window shown in the first image above will appear.

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