SoccerForecast is an application of football predictions. The program provides all the tools necessary for the complete analysis and processing of match bets.

Before continuing to read the documentation, we suggest that you do not skip this introduction, especially read the following points to understand what SoccerForecast really is.

If you are looking for a program that can:

  • Make you win any bet by simply taking the odds with the highest percentages.
  • Predicting the future.
  • Remove any risk related to bets.

Then stop reading this documentation immediately and forget SoccerForecast. There is nothing in the world that can predict the exact result of a match, or at least remove all the risks associated with the betting world.

If instead you are looking for a program that allows you to analyze in depth a match, giving you a clear idea of ​​the match through the data, then you have found the definitive tool.

We do not have any secret "sauce" that can always make you win. You can only trust our skills in making tools that can thoroughly analyze a game.

The betting industry is now saturated, there are many applications of predictions available online, so what could we do to bring a breath of freshness?

You can try them all, dig deep into the vastness of the Internet, but you will never find any application that implements the concept of "interaction".

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be if you were to create the software? Not simply being a simple user, but being much more: a creator!

This concept is the basis of the SoccerForecast project. It's not just a program, it's an experience! We are not a multinational company where you need to wait months until a function is implemented. Here you can sit comfortably behind the PC, open a feature request on our community and discuss it with all team members. Spectacular, right?

SoccerForecast is developed by passionate users of computer science and football, we make our work a passion, and we can guarantee you the highest quality on every front.

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